Industrial machinery for the manufacture of foam glass

Manufacturing areas

Granulation area
Foaming area
Glass powder production area


Name Consumption per 1 ton of finished products (6 m2)
Broken glass (glass powder 10 microns) 900 kg
Liquid glass 180 kg
Glycerol 8,5 kg
Kaolin (powder) 85 kg

Technological process

Production of foam glass consists of 3 interrelated phases.

1. Production of glass powder with the desired properties. The customer performs this function.

2. Production of semi-finished crude.

Plant capacity up to 10 thousand tons per year.

  • Glass powder in a paddle mixer granulator combined with a solution of sodium silicate and granulated.
  • On the plate granulator compacted and brought to the required size.
  • Produced drying semi-finished crude, packing in big bags and shipped to the storage warehouse.

To increase the number of smaller granules (50% up to 1 mm) of this section can be completed GDI (granulation drying installation).

3. Production of foam glass

Plant capacity up to 10 thousand tons per year.

  • Big bags with a semi-finished product – crude loading with a winch in the upsetting station with dispenser, where they are unloaded into the hopper.
  • Using a metering screw feeder, the granular composition (hereinafter granules) is fed into the drying drum.
  • Dried pellets from the dryer drum are discharged into the conveyor tray, and with its help are fed into the hopper feeder of kaolin and granules.
  • Kaolin is loaded manually into the hopper.
  • Further, granules mixed with kaolin, is fed into the gas furnace for foaming.
  • Granules for sprinkling tube and frothing get through the transition hopper into the drum cooler.
  • Foamed granules with a scraper conveyor are supplied to the complex for receiving and packaging the finished product.
  • The product in bags placed on a pallet and wrapped in the Pallet.

Possibility of complete equipment for sieving into various fractions.

Energy consumption (electricity and natural gas)

Production of semi-finished crude (up to 10 ths. tons per year), complete with the GDI.

Name Consumption
Electric power up to 400 kW / h (batch operation)
Natural gas up to 120 m3 / hour
Water до 1 м3/час

Production of foam glass (up to 10 ths. tons per year).

Name Consumption
Electric power up to 80 kW / hour
Natural gas p to 100 m3 / hour

At the first stage of development of production, the company «CREDO» can offer supply of semi-finished and complex of foaming.

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