IFOTOP company  produces a process reagents package for oil refining equipment protection from corrosion. The reagents have successfully passed tests for many refineries, including in dosages of 0.01% in the production of aviation kerosene, which exceeds the recommended values ​​ten times and guarantees the safety of the use. The package of reagents includes:

  • IFO Corrosion inhibitor that extends the service life of equipment, thereby significantly reducing financial and production losses caused by corrosion.
  • IFO Demulsifier that performs the function of destroying water-tunnered emulsions to ensure targeted values ​​for the content of residual water and salts.
  • IFO 3-methoxypropylamine Neutralizer was created to control the PH level and prevent the formation of deposits in the upper streams of columns and the condensation-cold equipment of primary oil refining installations.

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