Fire protection inserts

Application of fire protection inserts

Thermal conductivity
The need to achieve and maintain a high temperature inside the pipeline to save gas and oil in a hot state to prevent of cooling and deposition of clogging salts in pipes.
Fire safety

Increased fire hazard of modern materials (polyurethane foam), of which insulation of pipelines is produced.

Application of pipeline of fire protection inserts (FI) of the foam glass, holding the fire and prevent it from spreading further through the pipe.

Advantages of fire protection inserts

Characteristic Benefits
Production of materials located in the Russian Federation Reduces the cost of materials and logistics
Production of ready-made forms of shells given the dimensions of the pipe Reduces the costs of preparatory work for the installation of the pipe
Quick and easy installation of shells for pipes Minimum time for installation work, high quality installation, due to its simplicity
Uniform coating of pipes with foam glass Absence of joints, increased strength
Increased strength of materials  Logistics, fast assembly, durability in operation

Technical characteristics

Name Value
Thermal conductivity, W/(m *C) 0,05
Group of flammability NF
Density, kg / m3 100 – 180
Moisture absorption max 2,5%
Strength, MPa 1,5 – 2,5
Frost resistance F100

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