Polystyrene blocks

Polystyrene blocks (TU5741-001-84196391-2015, GOST 25485-89):

  • Environmentally safe. Indicator of specific effective activity of natural radionuclides (Aeff EPH) does not exceed 250 Bq / kg for sanitary rules SP (NRB-99);
  • Incombustible. On fires-technical characteristics of the unit belongs to a group of non-combustible materials (NF) in accordance with GOST 30244;
  • Biological stability, not susceptible to mold, not damaged by rodents;
  • High adaptability to manufacture in construction: the blocks are easily sawn to give any geometric shape;
  • Has a high sound-insulating and sound-absorbing properties;
  • It is a durable material (design life of at least 50 years).
блоки из полистиролбетона
Block’s facade

Current production

Polystyrene blocks (filling: polystyrene granules fr 4-8 (mm).)

Brand (density) Coefficient of thermal conductivity (W/(m *°C),dry Water vapor transmission rate (mg/m*h*Pa) Class of Concrete by strength Brand F, frost resistance Size
D-150 0.055 0.23 м-0.75 F-25 600×200(100)x300
D-200 0.065 0.2 м-3.5 F-25 – F-35 600×200(100)x300
D-250 0.075 0.17 B-0.35 F35-F50 600×200(100)x300
D-300 0.085 0.15 B-0.5   600×200(100)x300
D-350 0.095 0.14 B-0.75 F50-F75 600×200(100)x300
D-400 0.105 0.12 B-1 F50-F75 600×200(100)x300
D-450 0.115 0.11 B-1.5 F75-F100 600×200(100)x300
D-500 0.125 0.1 B-2 F75-F100 600×200(100)x300
D-550 0.135 0.1 B-2.5 F75-F100 600×200(100)x300

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