Blocks of foam concrete glass

The advantages of foam glass

  • Foam glass blocks are completely fire-safe and eco-friendly – do not burn and do not emit harmful substances;
  • Foam glass blocks have a low thermal conductivity of 0.08 W / (m · ° C), will retain heat in the house, reduces heating costs;
  • Material is durable, life of more than 100 years;
  • Blocks of foam glass are moisture resistant, it is suitable for construction in humid climates, and the material does not absorb moisture;
  • Frost resistance of the material: 100 cycles;
  • Foam glass blocks are composed of inorganic materials, resists rotting, moldy, resistant to alkalis and acids;
  • The quality and reliability of structures, manufactured strictly according to size, taking into account the customer’s engineering solutions;
  • Execution of engineering structural elements and calculation of the required number, size the panels, taking into account ease of installation;
  • Ability to select exterior finish.

Current production

Brand (density)

Coefficient of thermal conductivity (W/(m *° C),dry

  Class of Concrete by strength Brand F Size
D-250 0.068   B-1.5 F35-F50 595x100x295 595x195x295
D-300 0.075   B-2 F35-F50 595x100x295 595x195x295
D-350 0.08   B-3 F50-F75 595x100x295 595x195x295
D-400 0.085   B-4.5 F50-F75 595x100x295 595x195x295
D-600 1.05   B-5 F75-F100 595x100x295 595x195x295

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