Company «SPA» CHEMEVROPROM works in the petrochemical market, manufactures and supplies innovative additives to companies producing motor and boiler fuel on an industrial scale.

Objectives of the company in the field of petrochemical industry — creation in the of the Russian Federation production of raw materials for the production of innovative additives and additives «OCTA» in motor fuels:

Motor gasolines of fifth environmental class: octane additive based on a simple mixed ether N-methyl-p-anisidine, and compatible with renewable fuel components and cleaning components
Diesel fuels: detergents, anti-wear and dispersant-depressant.
Naval oil and black oil: cleaning and depressants

The company has its research base — laboratory equipped with high-precision measuring and testing equipment, which employs a team of scientists and researchers. Employees — real professionals with years of experience, skilled production engineers, PhDs — a high-level experts in their fields.

Employees of the laboratory are constantly and dense working with specialized institutes: Institute of NP, Immanuel. THEM. Gubkin, 25 Research Institute of Defense, Defense Research Institute 38, MUCTR. DI. Mendeleev and others.

Company partners include companies such as «Rosneft», «TAIF-NK» and «NOC».