LLC «R&DC «Credo»»

The company aims at the development and introduction of innovative technologies targeting energy saving and import substitution, especially in the field of manufacture of building materials and fuel.

Another activity – technologies and equipment for processing different types of waste into marketable products.

Technologies allow producing lightweight thermal insulation, structural-thermal insulation, single-layer, protecting structures for the production of high prefabrication housing sets (up to 90%).


The company operates in the following areas

  • Manufacture of building blocks and panels from lightweight concrete, with different technical characteristics. Produced blocks and panels are products with an external finish that do not require additional insulation. The composition of a particular product can be oriented to the maximum use of local resources as placeholders -keramzit granulated foam polystyrene, granulated foamed glass, wood shavings, hemp waste, tire recycling waste, subject to disposal basalt fiber and other raw materials. As binding can be used slag-alkali cements based on granulated blast furnace slag.

    Application of the proposed building materials greatly reduces the cost of the construction process and improves its quality, as the main technological processes do not occur on a construction site, but at the factory.

  • Manufacture of long burning fuel briquettes for barbecues («GlavZhar» trademark).

    • Production of equipment for manufacture of building materials:

      • Semi-automatic lines (mobile systems) for the production of building blocks of lightweight foam with different fillings. The use of mobile complex for the production of lightweight concrete will allow directly at the site to carry out the installation of walls with light-density insulation D150-180, significantly reduce the time of construction of houses, manufactured by monolithic construction technology during low-rise building.
      • Choppers – activators of quartz sand, tripoli, flask and natural moisture diatomite. Carried out in a plant laboratory of the production of sand-lime brick studies have shown that developed by “Stroyfinans” chopper-activator can replace expensive imported analogues.
    • Technology of production of innovative building materials based on lightweight concrete, designed for quick assembly of building structures without the involvement of a heavy and expensive construction equipment.

      Application of such materials of construction can greatly simplify and speed up the assembly process of building structures. The most promising is a technology that utilizes fibro foam concrete. This material provides a fast speed construction of exterior walls of buildings and structures (one floor 10x10m, team of 6 people to build in two days).

    • Formulations of various construction materials based on light fillers, including granulated foamed glass, and cement and without cement, slag binder. Developed by our specialists technology allows you to change the parameters of the resulting concrete to create lightweight concrete based on aggregate slag binders with granulated foam glass with high stripping speed (6-12 hours) and allows to make light thermal insulation, construction-insulating single layer protecting structures for multistory housing.

    • Recycling wood sawdust into carbon(consumer — our own production of fuel briquettes). Currently under development, equipment will allow to process huge reserves of wood sawdust in briquettes or pellets for sale.

    • Technologies of processing rice husk in the silicon dioxide (consumer — factories producing car tires).

    • Technologies of recycling tires into high octane solvent consumer — Oil Refinery) and carbon black (consumer — metallurgical production). Basic module design with performance on tires 20 tons/day.

    • Technologies and equipment for wet grinding of quartz sand (consumer — производства силикатного кирпича).

    • Complex for the production of fuel briquettes from brown coal ,by technologies of zone pumping. The work is aimed at improving the energy efficiency of existing production in the company and to expand the range of products.

    • Technology of additives application to the bitumen, to improve the quality of the bituminous asphalt pavement.

    In its activities, company «Stroyfinans» relies on its own developments and projects made in collaboration with partners.

    For carrying out peer reviews, involved specialists from the head research and education institutions.

    Experienced manufacturers have the possibility to teach specialists for the proposed technology.